My Process

My Process

My work is about the moment and the breath, and when I work with glass, I break down the moments into seconds.  Glass helps me to slow down, and be conscious that I am in the moment.  I look through the glass, and become very still. For me the glass is like a metaphor for a quiet pond.  The still glass is a mirror to the inner landscape.  I choose very isolated natural light that occurs during the magic hours.  With my work, I enter a fantasy world that is unknowable yet strangely familiar, and comes from deep within.

Nature is the inspiration that led me to my artwork.  I love to sit for hours soaking up the glorious sunlight.  I try to observe everything from texture, to color and composition to get to the essence of what is before me.

My work is a constant journey and exploration, which I attempt to incorporate in my daily life when I am not in my studio.  I am inspired by eastern philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism, as well as by artists such as Rothko, Turner, Hong Viet Dung, Minor White, and Ernst Haas.

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